Name: CoH GHOST 007

Join Date: 6th October 2010

(Data as of April 2011)

Box arts submitted: 24

Hall of Fame's (HoF's): 0

Masterworks: 0

Favourites: 132

Fans: 1

Rank: 4

Most Favourited box art:

Homefront (23/01/11) - Which has recieved 23 Favourites as of May 2011.

'Ghost's' Homefront box is the closest box art that has gotten nearto been a 'HoF'.

Latest Work has been his fake attempt at a 'Conflict: Desert Storm' reboot,

which can be seen on his 'author page'.

Very rarely posts any work now-adays due to lack in inspiratoin.

He is the one who showed VGBoxArt members on their Forum page what a other website thought about them;

which resulted in some members of VGBA joining that website just to 'have-their say'.