Mercut1999 has obviously done what he set out to do, which was to make a lasting impression on the ass of VGBoxArt. Good work, guys.

Side notes by an anonymous observer - Wow, looks like you guys seem to hold a grudge like little babies XD I mean c'mon I kept on removing this page because its an embarassment to whoever wrote it. I mean seriously I feel sorry for you, didn't get enough hugs as a kid?

Look he was immature and I'll be damned he was as annoying as high hell but damn did I find it funny how he seemed to get underneath you guys grills. Oh well someone seemed to put a lot of effort into that story and for that I give you one clap -clap- don't spend it all in one place.

What is needed to be known about Mercut1999 was that he was immature and confrontational and rather then ignoring him people raged like big leetist nerds, and I guess they are at a loss then, I wonder who they are raging about now that this guy has been gone for more then a year? Maybe I should login and find out...Nah didn't like the people much anyway. Also I was always lead to believe the name Mercut came from the shakesperean character Mercutio much like his "brother" was named Lycinder after the shakesperean character Lysander?

Lycinder here stumbling in from a "Hey google yourself!" - Last comment is correct good sir.