Mub is the new account of the piece of shit formally known as mchapra. Mub, much like his old, banned profile, is just as liberal, just as big as a cocksucker as the last incarnation and just as much as a piece of shit as he was before he was banned.

Playing the same old cards, along with a new, smart asssed cynical approach, he clearly thinks he is a VGBA high roller as he talks down to every concivable user on the site.

Instead of offering any sort of rational, helpful or resionable suggestions, he simply acts like a total rim job and replies in a  manner that would make you think he breaths out his own ass as his head is clearly stuck way up there.

A pussy in real life, keyboard warrior by computer.

If he wasn't such a brick walled pigheaded asshole, which he is 95% of the time, he'd be a good user. But he is not.

He has not changed, only become more of an asshole and still seems to have the same old stance on games - IF MUB DON'T LIKE IT, ITS MEDIOCRE.