Supposed Reed sighting. Believed by most to be fake.


Reed Leading the People.

Reed is a mythical creature in VGBoxArt lore who is said to have created the site, but whose presence cannot be proven. Many users believe him to be the administrator of the website, although others disagree with this claim. It is generally believed that Reed was a divine deity who watched over the site in its early years but who abandoned VGBoxArt and sought to rule other websites.

Although there have been several reported sightings of the creature, his continued administration of the site is more or less impossible to prove.

Reed is said to feed on the pain and frustration of VGBoxArt's members. His hobbies are believed to include laughing at members who demand proper administration, and pretending to update the site but ultimately adding nothing of interest.

Reed's current whereabouts are unknown, although it's typically believed that he is relaxing at his private mansion, bathing in a pool of money from the increasing amount of ads on the site.