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Roza's Current Avatar

Roza (Pronounced Roz-a) or Roza Supreme (real name Rory Kenney) joined the site shortly into his 10th year at school on the 21st of December 2007. He found the site while searching for custom box art's to compare his to while he was taking classes in Graphical Design at school.He joined inorder to get outside opinions on his work to include in his final presentation. He is a British boxartist who mainly makes 'Resident Evil' boxes and his software of choice is Macromedia Fireworks. He has 4 Hall of Fame entries to date and his first 'Resident Evil 4' for the PS3 was made during a Science lesson. His Avatar for the site depicts the popular Pokémon 'Mudkip' with his user name placed underneath.

On September 6th, he officially became the most manly man on the site for uploading his custom cover for 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season One'. The feat has yet to be matched.