Oh Boy.



Well, where do we begin? This was a series of sh*tstorms caused by Koopadasher's rebelion against E_G called "Dear Electric_General".

Beginnings Edit

One cozy November day in 2009 when the harvest was rotten and the lord hath forsaken us Koops thought to rebel against his worthless arch-nemisis: E_G.This was what he posted[1], In case you can't be bothered to read all that see Gunslinger's summary:


Summary: Waahh..


—Gunslinger, keeping it real.

The thread started serious sh*tstorms and created a major ruckus amongst the denizens, there were those who took Koops' side and there were those who thought he was whining again and there was nothing to see here. Some people like Cerium saw from koops' point of view and felt that mods pick favorites pointing to xIAMHUNTERx in a fine display of coughsmanship.

I do cyber with Al and Daniel, so yeah I get a free pass on most stuff..


—xIAMHUNTERx, with the truth.

After all that tomfoolery people went to serious business. TheSlyder supported with Koops' crusade(s) and added a link to his thread to his sig(still does, when the thread is irrelevant(this article too)).