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Thunderhead (Previously known as "KoopaDasher," "TheKoopaDasher," "Thundestruck," or "Skydrive)" is a BoxArtist who joined VGBoxArt in January of 2007. He was notable for his creative use of cartoony-styled charcacter and artworks on his own work. Having created more than 100 boxes and being one of the most popular memebers of the site, he is the 3rd ranked boxartist on the site by number of favourites and the 4th ranked boxartist by number of profile views[1].


As KoopaDasherEdit

In 2011, he decided to leave, deleting all his boxarts[2], but came back shortly after.

As ThunderstruckEdit

During a short time period, he worked and stood as Thunderstuck, as who he submitted three boxes.

Comeback, April's Fool Joke Inccident & TheKoopaDasherEdit

After uploading some new work, he got perma-banned for insulting Ladykiller, in anger for a April's Fool joke. Vekta101 started a petition thread to let him come back, that was signed by more than 30 users[3], the petition thread quickly became an argument between the different opinions, though In the end, after speaking to Drakxx, he decided to let him come back, only to be perma-banned shortly after, due to a harming innuendo against mChapra, who had been annoying him since his comeback. Having uploaded only two boxes, earned a Hall of Fame award, received over 60 favourites and 310 author favourites, and being Rank 9[4], he created an alternate account called TheKoopaDasher, which he also left shortly after, creating another one, this time called Thunderhead, allegating the previous account, specially the The on it, sounded way too arrogant.

As ThunderheadEdit

He presented himself as Thunderhead in the eve of the [Unnofficial] 2011's VGBA Cup, and has been competing as him since.


As ThunderstruckEdit

As KoopaDasherEdit

As ThunderheadEdit

  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes | Hall of Fame | July's's 7th of 2011 | [Unnofficial] 2011's VGBA Cup, Round 1.
  • Mario Bros | July's's 15th of 2011.
  • Pac-Man | July's's 16th of 2011| [Unnofficial] 2011's VGBA Cup, Round 2.

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